Alex Honnold Free Solo 12 min TedTalk video of Alex Honnold on his free solo climb of El Capitan. Nice feel good listen. It's inspiring to listen to Alex telling about his experience.

Atttention 40 min podcast by You Are Not So Smart. Focus is on how the brain deals (or struggles to deal) with attention. Very imformative, and I believe useful, to know where the shortcomings are in the workings of our brains.

Wayne Dyer - Synchronicity 10 min Youtube video. Wayne Dyer's teachings are "next level"... or at least focussed on helping us attain the next level. I find it very inspiring and believe I can learn much from him. Unfortunately most of his talks are very long (more than an hour). This one might not be the best one, but it is wortg a try because it is so short.

Children and Respect Short article on how to instill respectfulness in your children by showing them respect.

Guided Meditation 12 min Youtube Video of guided meditation by Deepak Chopra. Very calming.

Attachment vs Authenticity 4 min Youtube Video. Relevant to how we parent our children, but also could open some insight into ourselves.